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How to sign up for alerts:


[pdf to directions]

The following is the text of the letter sent home to parents containing information of how “remind” will be used by Mr. Guertin.


Note to Parents/Students from Mr. Guertin:


In an effort to increase communication between JFK Middle School and Home, I am giving students and parents the option to sign up for text alerts from Mr. Guertin using the “Remind” app/service. On the back side of this paper are instructions on how to sign up. This would allow me to text an entire class to remind them about homework due or to give instructions to one class period that I missed because of a modified schedule, early release, or assembly. With this service I believe homework completion and overall achievement will increase because it helps forgetful students remember what is expected of them and when.


Key points to highlight:

·        The phone numbers of each person are kept secret from each other.

·        Students cannot text each other, or me, using this service.

·        Email alerts are also available.

·        If your child is under 13, the program highly suggests parents register their email to also receive alerts. I recommend doing this anyway, regardless of your child’s age.

·        I anticipate sending messages weekly to remind about homework, but I also want to include messages about progress reports, report cards, or other team and school events.

·        This service is completely optional and only used in addition to other methods of communication already in use.


Please sign below to acknowledge that your child is signed up for these alerts. I want to avoid your child signing up, misplacing the paper, and forgetting to tell you about this service which, ironically, is exactly the kind of miscommunication I want to avoid! Thanks!



Child’s Name (printed)____________________________________________________________________________


Parent’s Signature _________________________________________________________Date__________________