tl:dr - You are going to learn about science facts and what makes a good experiment.


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Almost all of your homework is online. There are two halves of Science that you will be practicing at home on your own time. Each week you will be given one (or more) assignment from Science Content Knowledge or Scientific Inquiry. Both links are above, just click on the picture. Each sub-page is now pass worded, so only my students can use the resources I make available. The password has been given in class. If you missed it, email me.


Science Content Knowledge is the part of science that deals with facts or what we know. Scientific Inquiry deals with the details of how we know what we know.


For Science Content Knowledge, you will read the lesson text (usually 3-4 pages) and read the questions at the end of the lesson. These questions are in the question bank, exactly as written, on each homework quiz. Try to answer them before you load the quiz. Watch the video that I have made on each lesson where I read the entire section to you, word for word, plus add in my own two cents. When youíre done with that, open the lesson text in one tab and open the quiz in another. Go back and look for answers if you donít remember. This is designed for you to do the best you possibly can. Take advantage of all of the resources.


For Scientific Inquiry (a new section!), click on the assigned worksheet. Itís a PDF and should load without any problems, like the lesson texts from the Science Content Knowledge section. Each worksheet has a description of an experiment that was done. You then have to answer a set of questions in Quia for credit. All questions for each worksheet will be the same (or very, very similar). The entire point is to really drive home the essence of variables and how they work in a scientific experiment.