Chemistry Content Standards





6.1 - Materials can be classified as pure substances or mixtures, depending on their chemical and physical properties.

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a) Mixtures are made of combinations of elements and/or compounds, and they can be separated by using a variety of physical means.

What is Matter?


Classifying Matter Chart

Separation Lab (below)



b) Pure substances can be either elements or compounds, and they cannot be broken down by physical means.

Conservation of Mass


Chapter 2 IPS Conservation of Mass experiments


Chemistry Content Standards





C 1.  Describe the properties of common elements, such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, iron and aluminum

Element Song

Interactve Periodic Table

Periodic Table Notes

Chem Vocab


Elements and Compounds (Cloze)

Elements Flashcards (20, 40)

Elements Millionaire (20, 40)

Spell Your Name with Elements!!

Metal or Nonmetal Millionaire


Mass Lab (Wooden Blocks)

Volume by Water Displacement Lab


Chemistry Review Game

40 Elements Quiz

Metal or Non-Metal Quiz

C 2.  Describe how the properties of simple compounds, such as water and table salt, are different from the properties of the elements of which they are made.

Interactive Periodic Table

Atomic Structure Notes

How to Draw Atoms

Balancing Chemical Equations

Conservation of Mass



Subatomic Particles Game

Atom Project

Physical vs. Chemical Change Quiz

C 3. Explain how mixtures can be separated by using the properties of the substances from which they are made, such as particle size, density, solubility, and boiling point.

Losers, Takers and Kings

Another Cool Periodic Table


Density Intro Demo


Cartesian Diver Slideshow

Density Problems 1

Density Problems 2

Density Problems 3

Density Study Guide


Temperature Conversion Game

Elements Review

Density Cube Lab

Cartesian Diver Lab

Liquids Lab (Page 1, Page 2)

Separation Lab

Separating a Mixture (Interactive)

**Separation Worksheet**

Solids, Liquids, Gases (Interactive)

Understand Dissolving (Interactive)



Density Quiz



Fun = Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad



Chemistry Test

Test Version C


Chemistry Content Standards








Placeholder                  Metals                                     Nonmetals


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Placeholder                  Metals                                     Nonmetals


Memorization Tips: Elements/Symbols


Silver - Ag     If a person who is expecting a present of a gold necklace receives a

silver one. he might say, “Ag, I didn’t want silver!”   or “A guy sold me silver.”


Gold - Au    “Hey you, I want that gold necklace!” Said with “Hey you” sounding

like Au.


Aluminum - Al    All cans are made from Aluminum.


Bromine - Br That brother of mine - Bro of mine!  Or  “My Bro is mine (pronounced mean)!”


Calcium - Ca “Caws give milk!” Pronounced with an accent to make cows sound like

it’s spelled with an A.


Chlorine - Cl “You Clean with chlorine!”


Copper- “Cu later, copper!”


Fluorine - F You need to Floss after using fluorine!


Iron - Fe “Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, I’m an iron man!”   or Iron Fence


Helium - He    If you breathe in helium, you will laugh! He, He, He!


Mercury - Hg Greek mythology - Hg stands for Helmet guy!  Or  “Holy guacamole, the (mercury) thermometer broke!”


Potassium - K You will get Kicked out of school for the double nasty! You can’t do

the first three letters and cannot say the next three!


Sodium - Na “Naw, I don’t want any sodium!”


Nickel - Ni “Nick owes me a nickel!”


Oxygen - O “Open your mouth wide to take in oxygen!”


Plutonium-  “P u!  Pluto smells like Pu (poo)!”


Lead - Pb “Pencil broke!”   (Pencils used to contain lead.)  or Plumbers use lead pipes.


Silicon - Si  “Silly con!”


Tin - Sn A tin roof gets hot in the Sun.  or a Tin pail of Snails.


Tungsten-  W   (Picture the W as the forked tongue.)


Manganese- Mn Take first three letters – Man


Magnesium- Mg Take first three letters - Mag