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Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

8th Grade Flowchart

Unit 1: Forces and Energy

Unit 2: Energy in Waves

Unit 3: Mechanisms of Diversity

Unit 4: Changing Earth

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Big Ideas of Science

(from Educational Leadership magazine, September 2009)


1. The universe is regular and predictable. (repeated experiments will provide the same results)

2. Energy is conserved and always goes from more useful to less useful forms.

3. Electricity and magnetism are two aspects of the same force.

4. All matter is made of atoms.

5. Everything comes is discrete units and you can’t measure anything without changing it. (quantum mechanics)

6. Atoms are bound by electron glue. (chemical bonds)

7. The way a material behaves depends on how its atoms are arranged.

8. Nuclear energy comes from the conservation of mass.

9. All matter is made of quarks and leptons.

10. Stars live and die.

11. The universe was born at a specific time in the past and it has been expanding ever since.

12. Every observer sees the same laws of nature in operation. (depending on your point of view – relativity)

13. The surface of the earth is constantly changing.

14. The earth operates in many cycles. (rock, water, carbon, etc.)

15. All living things are made of cells.

16. All life is based on the same genetic code.

17. All life forms evolved by natural selection.

18. All life is connected. (interact to make ecosystems)








































































































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